Vaquero Posters by Ernest Morris

Parade of Colors

Vaquero Poster

Parade of Colors by Erniest Morris

Parade of Colors is a full-color limited edition print on good quality heavy paper.  There are some fifty different colors and shades of horses.  Ernie has painted forth of the more well-known ones in this picture.  The Spanish have a name for every one of them.  There is the moro, sabino, and roan to name a few, and you can start a war of your own by trying to put a label on any of them.  The horses are shown with cowboys and buckaroos with different kinds of tack.  Each print is numbered and signed by Ernest Morris.

24″ x 36″ Ready for Framing

Jaquima to Freno (Freno means bit)

Jaquima to Freno by Erniest Morris

Jaquima to Freno by Ernest Morris

Jaquima to Freno is a printed poster on good quality heavy paper of a pen and ink original drawing by Ernest Morris.  It illustrates the process of starting a young horse in the hackamore, and then gradually transferring him to a bit and a finished bridle horse.

18″ x 24″ Ready for Framing
50.00 – unsigned
$75.00 – signed by Ernest Morris

The Outlaw

Vaquero Poster - The Outlaw

The Outlaw by Ernest Morris

The Outlaw is a limited edition print on good quality heavy paper of a pencil original drawing.  This print shows a “rough one” that has obviously won the last round of a contest with the rider, and is very likely a veteran of such events.  Each print is numbered and signed by Ernie Morris, and comes with a signed certificate.

14″ x 18″ Ready for Framing

A Recollection

Vaquero Poster - The Recollection

The Recollection by Ernest Morris

A Recollection is a limited edition print on good quality heavy paper of a pen and ink original drawing. It depicts an old vaquero who has spent more than sixty years working on the back of a horse.  It’s for sure he has a bank full of beautiful memories – riding, roping, and moving large herds of cattle.  He can still recall when times were not so good, from bad weather to many life threatening incidences.  But most of all, it’s his horses that stick in his mind to the end of his life, and all the old buckaroos love to tell about them. Each print is numbered and signed by Ernie Morris.

14″ x 18″ Ready for Framing

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