Ernest Albert Morris

I was born at 8:15 p.m. on December 13, 1927 at the home of my parents, Don and Jessie Morris, in the rural community of Fellows in Kern County California.

At the time of my birth I was named Ernest Albert Morris.  My relatives knew me as Ernest Albert Morris, and they called me Ernie.  However, when the doctor came to check on me and my mother shortly after I was born, he somehow didn’t include my middle name on my birth certificate.  My birth certificate shows my name as Ernest Morris; it was never corrected.

Several years later when I enlisted in the navy I requested a copy of my birth certificate for registration purposes.  To my surprise my middle name was not on the certificate.  While completing enlistment paperwork I was instructed that, since I did not have a middle name, to enter the letter “N” where a middle name would normally be placed; the letter “N” symbolized “none”, indicating that I did not have a middle name.  Some of my military records show my name as Ernest N. Morris.

I have lived all this time without an official middle name.  Now 87 years in life, I decided to follow my mother’s wishes to use Albert as my middle name.  If my full name appears on some of my art work don’t be shocked, because it’s true.

Following are examples of signatures I have used at various times over the years.  Some of my early artwork did not have a signature.

Ernest Morris

Ernie Morris


Ernest Albert Morris