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Hot off the Presses – Ernie Morris 6th and final Book “Vacas & Vaqueros” !

Vacas & Vaqueros is Ernie’s 6th book and he says it will be is his last!
There are limited quantities of this book, all are signed by Ernie!


Vacas & Vaqueros
(written and illustrated by Ernest Morris)

Vacas & Vaqueros is another of Ernie’ fun-filled publications that highlights various aspects of the Vaquero culture.  It features seventeen separate descriptive sections, accompanied by over 50 of his paintings and drawings, historical family photographs, and stories about the early beef breeds and Vaquero activities in California.  It is 9”x12”, with 39 numbered pages.  It is available in hard cover (with attractive dust jacket) and soft cover formats.  Each book is pre-signed by Ernie.

$40.00 – signed Soft Cover

$60.00 – SOLD OUT!

Vaquero Heritage is Ernie’s 5th book and many say it is his best!
Call regarding availability of Limited Editions.


Vaquero Heritage
(written and illustrated by Ernest Morris)

Limited Edition
"Catching a Stray Cow" Poster

Vaquero Heritage is another of Ernie’s fascinating books about the California vaquero.  It is 9”x12” hardcover, 220 pages, and includes over 200 color and black & white images of his paintings, drawings and historic photographs.  Ernie gives fascinating descriptions of his family background, vaquero horsemanship, roping and horse gear, horse hair ropes (mecates), ranches he has known and worked on, a handful of his special ol’ time stories, and calendar drawing images he created over a period of more than 30 years.

Each Limited Edition book (limited to 100), is numbered and signed by Ernie, leather bound with gilt edges, has a hard cover protective slip case, and includes a corresponding numbered and signed Limited Edition color poster (13”x19”, ready for framing) that is one of Ernie’s vaquero action scenes entitled “Catching a Stray Cow”.  This Limited Edition poster is only available with the Limited Edition book.

The Standard Edition book with attractive dust jacket is available either signed by Ernie, or unsigned.

 Hard Cover with Attractive Dust Jacket Approx. 9″ x 12″ (220 pages)
$125.00 – unsigned
$150.00 – signed by Ernest Morris
$500.00 – Limited Edition Book with Poster

El Vaquero
(written and illustrated by Ernest Morris)

El Vaquero is a wonderful way to learn about the early California vaquero. It includes many detailed descriptions, drawings and paintings of vaqueros and buckaroos in many kinds of cowboy action, such as colt breaking, bronc riding, team roping, calf tailing, sliding stops, and complicated roping maneuvers and loops.  Other illustrations include vaquero style horse gear (hackamores, bosals, saddles, martingales, tapaderos, headstalls, reins and romals, bits, spurs, riatas, hobbles, mecates, etc.) and headgear used and the progressive handling of bridle reins in training a horse from the hackamore to spade bit.  El Vaquero is of interest to historians, artists, cowboys, horsemen, craftsmen, and anyone who enjoys the tradition of the early California vaquero horsemanship style.  Ernie says, “My aim is to make an attempt to preserve some history of the old-time vaquero.”

Hard Cover with Attractive Dust Jacket  Approx. 9″ x 12″ (156 pages) Second Printing
$125.00 – unsigned
$150.00 – signed by Ernest Morris

el Buckaroo
(written and illustrated by Ernest Morris)

el Buckaroo immortalizes the California vaquero and buckaroo life and their horse handling, working cattle, and fancy roping as it existed at the turn of the twentieth century.  There are over 400 color and black-and-white illustrations and historic photographs, which, together with many personal interviews and biographies, bring to life the remarkable ways of the buckaroo.  There are brief histories of many old-time and contemporary top-hand buckaroos like Granville Martin, Gilbert Aguirre, Tom Arano, Chino Boranda, and Bill Dorrance; buckaroo artists like Ed Borein, Joe Mora, Nicholas Firfires, and Jack N. Swanson; and many photographs of buckaroo gear including riatas, braided rawhide reins and romals, spurs, chinks, bosals, mecates, hobbles, and quirts, elaborately carved and decorated saddles, and silver-mounted bits.

Hard Cover with Attractive Dust Jacket Approx. 9″ x 12″ (236 pages) Second Printing
$125.00 – unsigned
$150.00 – signed by Ernest Morris

California Cowboy Inventions
(written and illustrated by Ernest Morris)

California Cowboy Inventions is an interesting combination of handy “cowboy” inventions and ideas, horsemanship information and picture creation thoughts and techniques from vaquero artist Ernest Morris.  Like all of Ernie’s books, it includes numerous pen & ink drawings of horses, cattle and cowboys involved in several types of cowboy action.  This book is interesting and informative for everyone from seasoned cowboys to aspiring artists.

Soft Cover Approx. 8 1/2″ x 11″ (76 pages)
$35.00 – unsigned
$50.00 – signed by Ernest Morris

Riata Men
(written and illustrated by Ernest Morris)

Riata Men is a intimate look at the life of the cowboy through the eyes of Ernie Morris. His illustrations capture the daily life on the ranch, often with a bit of humor.  It contains numerous feature drawings, each accompanied by a folklore description, and several selections from Ernie’s personal sketch books.  Hard Cover with Attractive Dust Jacket.

Hard Cover with Attractive Dust Jacket  Approx. 8-1/2″ x 11″ (152 pages)
$60.00 – unsigned
$85.00 – signed by Ernest Morris

Hackamore Reinsman
(written by Ed Connell, illustrated by Randy Steffen)

Hackamore Reinsman, originally published in 1952, explains details of the tradition and high standards of the vaquero systems for training the California jaquima (hackamore) horse.  Ed Connell thoroughly explains the steps in taking a green colt from a hackamore to the two-rein, effectively preparing the horse for the final step, “straight up” in the bridle.  The enduring time-tested principles included in Hackamore Reinsman make it one of the most popular of it’s kind.

Soft Cover Approx. 6″ x 9″ (106 pages)

Reinsman of the West – Bridles & Bits
(written by Ed Connell, illustrated by Ernest Morris)

Reinsman of the West, originally published in 1964, was written as a continuation of the training principles introduced in Hackamore Reinsman.  Ed Connell explains the California vaquero process of taking a horse through the two-rein process to “straight up” in the bridle.  Reinsman of the West is very popular with horse enthusiasts in many parts of the world who enjoy the bridle horse training systems of the California vaquero.

Soft Cover Approx. 6″ x 9″ (119 pages)

Vaquero Style Horsemanship
A Compilation of Articles and Letters
(by Ed Connell)

Vaquero Style Horsemanship is a companion book to Ed Connell’s popular books “Hackamore Reinsman” and “Reinsman of the West – Bridles and Bits”.  It consists of articles dating from the 1950s through the 1970s including personal letters on specific training matters.  These articles, letters, photographs, and drawings provide more clarification and explain in greater depth the theory and practices discussed in Ed Connell’s two books “Hackamore Reinsman” and “Reinsman of the West”.  Articles included are: Explaining Reining, The A-Fork Saddle, Swinging in the Rein, Starting Horses – Vaquero Style, Cowboy Talk, Ground-Pulling with the Hackamore, Teaching the Stop & Turn, and many more.

Soft Cover Approx. 8-1/2″ x 11″ (144 pages including photos and illustrations)

The Art of Making a California-Style Vaquero Bridle Horse
(written by Mike Bridges)

The Art of Making a California-Style Vaquero Bridle Horse explains Mike Bridges’ methods for making such a horse in the old-time California Vaquero tradition – starting the colt, making a hackamore horse, the two-rein system, and finally “straight-up” in the bridle (the finished bridle horse).

Hard Cover Approx. 8-1/2″ x 11″ (185 pages)

How to Make Bits & Spurs
(written and illustrated by Robert M. Hall)

How to Make Bits & Spurs, originally published in 1985, was written and illustrated by Bob Hall, a master bit & spur maker.  This easy-to-read instruction book explains and shows tools, metal types, measurements, cuts, welds, rivets, inlays, overlays, bluing, and many other details involved in making bits & spurs.  How to Make Bits & Spurs is very popular with those who enjoy the beauty and construction of California-style bits & spurs.

Soft Cover Approx. 5″ x 8″ (97 pages)

True Unity
(by Tom Dorrance)

True Unity, first published in 1987, has become a classic to be read again and again. It is like a personal visit with Tom Dorrance, and you come away thinking on ways to improve your relationship with the horse. Many world-renowned horsemen and clinicians look to Tom Dorrance as the man whose philosophy on horses and horsemanship revolutionized the way we look at this wonderful animal. “What I know about the horse,” says Tom, “I learned from the horse.”

 Hard Cover Approx. 6″ x 9″ (151 pages)

True Unity on 2 CDs An Abridgement of True Unity
(by Tom Dorrance as Read by John Saint Ryan)

Disc One 1) Getting it Together 2) Feel the Whole Horse 3) Responsive and Right On 4) Approach and Unity 5) Emphasizing Some Vital Concepts Disc Two 6) Learning to Do Less to Get More (Part 1) 7) Learning to Do Less to Get More (Part 2) 8) Poem:  “The Master”

True Unity on 2 CDs

Think Harmony With Horses
(by Ray Hunt)

Think Harmony With Horses explains Ray Hunt’s philosophy about working with horses – to unite the horse and rider into one working unit of both mind and body. Ray recognizes that how you train hinges upon a deeper understanding of who you are, and especially who the horse is.  He urges you to think about “how” you do anything with respect, awareness and trust in the horse.


Think Harmony with Horses Hard Cover Book
Approx. 6″ x 9″ (87 Pages)

Think Harmony with Horses on 2 CD’s
This 2 CD Audio book is narrated by John Saint Ryan.
Written by Ray Hunt and Edited by Milly Hunt Porter.

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